Non-Residential Property Management Division Director

  • Vina Group's Client (75)
  • Ngày đăng: 09/10/2020

Quận 7, HCM, Hồ Chí Minh

Mô tả công việc


1. Building up, analyzing, and organizing the implementation the non-residential property plan according to the Company's business plans and objectives.

2. Research and develop investment scenarios/call for investment for catalyst projects

3. Finance & investment – Asset portfolio, M&A, Investment, Divestment

4. R&D and business development – Market research, FS, BP, Business Partners

5. Building models/ forms of association, investment cooperation, exploitation and trading 

of non-residential property of the Company in order to create the effective catalyst for residential communities.

6. Calling Partner/ Investor for Non – Residential Property.

· Recommend suitable calling partner/ investor strategy.

· Do all necessary PR/ Marketing/ Roadshow activities to attract potential Partner/ Investor.

· Structure, price, negotiate, and document deal terms and conditions that produce the best benefit for NLG in a professional and effective manner.

· Lead and execute Calling Partner/ Investor activities for NLG (including participating in contract preparation and execution).

7. New business/ operation solution for Non – Residential Property.

· Maintain awareness of market trends/ practices affecting the NLG’s Non – Residential Property business and recommend responsive strategies and development efforts.

· Plan, schedule, assign work, establish priorities, control expenditures, and take appropriate measures to ensure all Pre FS/ FS is completed on schedule and within cost estimates.

8. Project Development – socialization & land legal: Unlock non - residential land bank, 1/500 and project legal, Design, Project management and Construction management.

9. Operation of assets entrusted and handed over for property management company.

· Recommend suitable selecting operator strategy.

· Do all necessary study to find out the list of operators.

· Structure, budget, negotiate, contract all operation terms and conditions that produce win-win solution for both NLG and operator in a professional and effective manner.

· Establish and implement the report system to monitor performance of operator. Then check, control and evaluate performance of operator.

10. Improve/ Strengthen Legal Team of Non-Residential Management.

11. Improve/ Strengthen Non-Residential Management internal system and process


1. Jurisdiction:

· Participate in promoting suitable operational development of the Division.

· Permission to request other cross-functional departments to support and collaborate if they are working on the relevant tasks or projects.

· Participate in training, couching and employee development program according to Nam Long training policy.

2. Obligation:

· Comply with regulations, operating procedures, job description of the Division and Company;

· Ensure the compliance with provisions of the current legislation;

· Comply with Nam Long non-disclosure regulation.

· Support Nam Long training needs by taking part in sharing, training and couching;

· Preserve the image of the company as the company’s representative when doing external relations.

· Complete assigned tasks





Yêu cầu ứng viên

1. Educational qualification 

· B.S in Management/ Finance/ Real Estate. 

· Master’s degree is a plus

2. Working Experience 

· At least 15 years’ experience in non – residential property / school and/ or hospital and/ or retail investment projects. 

· Investment Bank, Fund Management… is a plus

3. Core competencies 

a. Integrity: Honor our word. Keep our promise, and on time. Whenever we cannot keep our promise, we immediately inform relevant parties and do what we need to do to clean up the impact of not keeping our promise. 

b. Professionalism: Be masterful and skillful in our accountabilities and expertise, understand and comply with regulations, in order to best meet internal and external customer requirements. 

c. Ownership: Be responsible for our work. Think and act to fulfill the common goals of the company and share the results.

4. Leadership Competency 

a. Leadership skills 

b. Teamwork 

c. Judgment & Decision Making 

d. Communication Skills, Listening & Forward thinking 

e. Results-Driven

5. Technical competency required to perform the work: 

· Dep knowledge about real estate market; 

· Dep knowledge about real estate project analysis; 

· Knowledge about financial market; 

· Knowledge about business administration; 

· Profound knowledge about Law on Enterprises, Law on Securities, Law on Real Estate Business. 

· An overview of the company and the real estate industry; 

· Ability to realize and solve problems during project implementation; 

· Ability to evaluate problems and make decisions; 

· Management skills; 

· Good communication skills; 

· The ability to present ideas and Persuade listeners; 

· Good time management;

6. English Competency English: fluently

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Salary: 300 - 350M

Benefit: Good

Vina Group's Client (75)

Địa chỉ: Quận 7, TP.HCM, Hồ Chí Minh


Vina Group's Client (75)
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